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Little League Approved Bats

What you need to know when selecting a youth baseball bat

  • Youth baseball bats range from 25” to 32” in length. Tee ball bats are 24"-26" in length.
  • Youth baseball bats range from a -7 to -13 length to weight ratio or drop (weight - length = drop).
  • Always confirm the bat is USA Baseball approved before purchasing.
  • For first time parents make sure you buy the right bat. Tee ball bats are different from youth baseball bats.
Little League rules require that all non-wood and laminated baseball bats that are used in Little League Majors and below, Intermediate Division (50/70), Junior League divisions, and Challenger divisions have the USA Baseball logo depicting that the bat being used meets the USA Baseball’s Youth Bat Performance Standard. If not followed, it could lead to the disqualification or penalty for the player. Purchasing a non-approved bat could be costly as well.

Refer to the the Official Little League site for all bat rules and information
Visit for the full and up to date approved bat list.

Look for the USA Baseball logo on the bat:

Minor/Major Division Bats (Single-A, AA, AAA, Majors & Up)

The bat to be used shall not be more than 33 inches in length and not more than 2 5/8 inches in diameter. Also, if the bat is made of wood, it should not be less than 15/16 inches in diameter for bats that are 33 inches in length and should not be less than 7/8 inches for bats less than 30 inches in length, at its smallest part.

Any wooden bats that are taped or fitted with a sleeve should not exceed 16 inches from the small end. Also, any solid one-piece wooden barrel bats will not require a USA Baseball logo.

Tee Ball Bats

Under the USA Bat standard, certified Tee Ball bats (26″ and shorter) will feature the USA Baseball mark and text which reads ONLY FOR USE WITH APPROVED TEE BALLS.

The majority of Tee Ball players should use a 25" or 26" bat. The weight of the bat starts as low as 13 oz and will be as heavy as 18 oz.   The majority should use a bat that is 15 or 16 oz. Around a (-10) drop weight is standard for most kids.The DROP is the difference between the bat length and bat weight. More on that below.

Note: Tee ball bats are only allowed for Tee ball games that use soft core baseballs. Hitting with hard core Little League baseballs may break a Tee Ball bat.

Always confirm the Tee Ball bat is USA Baseball approved before purchasing.

What to Look For:

  • Approved bats must have the USA Bat Marking
  • The maximum barrel size for all levels of play is 2 5/8
  • No drop weight limit
  • Only multi-piece wooden bats require markings. One-piece wooden bats do not.

Youth Baseball Bat Buying Guide

Size, strength and weight of the child are important factors in choosing the right bat. The biggest mistake most parents make is buying a bat that is too big for their child.  It is wise to error on the smaller size. If you're unsure about the bat you purchased let your child’s coach look at it before you remove the plastic wrapper to insure it is the right size for your child. Typically, once the wrapper is off it cannot be returned.

Here are some resources for finding the right bat for your child. These reference guides do not represent an endorsement of the companies.

Always confirm the bat is USA Baseball approved before purchasing.

How to Measure Your Child for a Bat

  1. Measure his/her height with game cleats on.
  2. Set the bats end cap flat onto the ground, and have him/her stand next to it.  If the bat knob surpasses his/her hip it may be to long.
  3. Weigh your child
    1. Generally a child weighing under 60 lbs will swing a bat between 26 and 29 inches in length.
    2. If he/she is over 70 lbs, usually the child is able to swing a 28 to 32 inch bat.

What does DROP mean in Youth Baseball Bats?

When looking at bat labels this is probably the most confusing element to first time baseball parents. The DROP is the difference between the bat length and bat weight. For example, a bat labeled 15 ounces and 28 inches has a bat drop of minus -13 (15-28 = -13).

To get the right bat, you just need to match the right drop, weight, and length printed on the bat to the age, height, and weight of the player. See the bat buying guide above for charts to help guide you.

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